Hi there, my name is Ingrid Dykstra and my interest in natural healing modalities began when I saw the incredible results of Therapeutic Touch. My mother had just gotten into the Carpenter Hospice and was extremely agitated.  With just one session of Therapeutic Touch, my mother calmed down.  I had never heard of this before.  Seeing something look after a condition without drugs fascinated me.  My world opened up to new possibilities. You have no idea what's out there til you start looking with an open mind.

Though Therapeutic touch is a wonderful modality, Reiki called to me more.  I enthusiastically completed all levels of Reiki to become a Reiki Master as well as doing Shamballa and Rainbow Reiki at Roseheart Wellness.

I started doing Reiki at Oakville Trafalgar Hospital on the staff.  The nurses and other staff at the hospital loved getting Reiki treatments. It was wonderful to be able to do this for the staff.  I eventually was able to do Reiki at Carpenter hospice, where my mother and later, my father, also passed.

I have been at the hospice since 2011 and am currently doing resident care on a volunteer basis.

I love learning new things and wanted to learn more about other avenues of holistic healing.

I stumbled on Bowenwork, the original Bowen Technique from Australia. It is a wonderful modality that is very gentle and has incredible results.  Had my name all over it!

Some of the stories you hear about the results of Bowen are nothing short of amazing.  Acute injuries can be healed with just a couple of gentle moves, and then your body takes over and does the rest.  It knows what needs to be done.

If an injury has just happened Bowen seems to be able to stimulate healing before the body even recognizes it is injured.  Even serious strains and pulls of fascia can turn around overnight.  Bowen has changed my ideas of what is physically possible.

My journey with Bowen has taken time and there have been some trials along the way.  But that's what makes the journey all the more wonderful. I appreciate where I have been and how far I have come.  I know there is more fun down the road.

                                       Thomas Ambrose Bowen  1916-1982

                                       The originator of Bowen was born in                                            Geelong Victoria, Australia.  He was a                                            quiet, reserved and enigmatic man.

Because of this not much is known just how Tom came about to develop this incredible modality.

What is known, is that though he had no formal training in any form of bodywork, he had a curiosity and a wish to help others.  This wish eventually ended up with Mr. Bowen seeing up to 13,000 people/year and through this, was able to refine his technique. This is documented by the Victorian government in Australia. In 1975 it showed that Mr. Bowen gave treatments 7 days apart and most people only needed 1-3 treatments.  

He often said his technique is “a gift from God”.

He also had free clinics for children, people with disabilities and community service workers.

In 1974 Mr. Bowen met Oswald Rentsch who wanted to learn this amazing technique that helped his wife, Elaine so much.  For the next 2 ½ years Ossie studied with Tom and ultimately and so thankfully, Tom authorized him to document his work.

Ossie & Elaine Rentsch had the honour of introducing Bowen to the world starting with the first official seminar in Perth, Australia in 1986. Since then Bowen has spread across the globe and Ossie & Elaine are still honouring that promise to Tom Bowen that they made to him on his deathbed,  as we all are.

The original Bowen technique is commonly referred to as Bowtech or Bowenwork. Any other name is not the original Bowen Technique.

History of Bowen

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