​​​Bowenwork session costs:

​​​​​​​Adults: $70.00          Children under 12:   $35.00​         Babies under 1 year:   $25.00 

​method of payment: credit card, etransfer or cash

Sessions can take 45 minutes or more, initial session allow at least 60 minutes.  Each session is tailored to the individual. 
How many sessions will be required to resolve problems varies greatly by the individual.  Sometimes even long-standing problems resolve in just a few sessions, even after a person has been told they will never get better and just have to live with it.  Other conditions may take longer, but still make steady progress over months. 
The reputation of Bowen is that once a condition has had time to unwind itself and find balance, the results last.



Please dress comfortably, ideally in loose-legged gym shorts and a t-shirt, sweatpants or yoga pants are also good. (you can also bring them with you to change into)

Most moves are done over clothing but ideally moves done directly on skin are best.

Conditions Bowenwork can help



colic in babies

carpal tunnel

ganglion cysts

lower back pain

tension in neck



respiratory issues

tennis/golf elbow

and many more

Anyone can benefit from Bowen, no matter what age

Session Packages Available

                        sessions:       1          2           3          4

Adults                                 $70     $130     $180   $220

Children, under 12              $35       $65       $90   $110

Babies, under a yr                $25       $45       $65    $80